Club championship explained

With the Esports World Cup set to begin on July 3, offering 8 weeks of ground-breaking competition and a life-changing prize pool before the grand conclusion on August 25, this year’s inaugural edition will be one for the history books!

Today we’d like to share further information on the Club Championship, which will decide who the best Club in the world is from the dozens competing here in Riyadh this summer. Read on for further details on the requirements to compete in the Club Championship, alongside the points and prize money distribution, and what happens in the event of a tiebreaker.

points example


There are a couple of simple requirements for the Club Championship - one of these is necessary to participate, whilst the other is necessary to win:

Participation requirement

- A Club needs to reach the top 8 in at least two competitions to be eligible to participate in the Club Championship.

Winning requirement

- A Club needs to reach first place in at least one competition to be eligible to win the Club Championship and become the best Club in the world. In the case that the Club with the most points has not achieved this, first place will go to the Club that has accrued the most points whilst meeting this requirement.

Alongside this, it’s worth noting that Clubs can only earn points for participants that were publicly stated as part of the organization before the deadline at 23:59 AST on June 13 2024. This includes competitions where the qualification or invitation occurs after that date.

Points Breakdown

All competitions in the Esports World Cup offer the same number of points, rewarding Clubs that consistently perform at the highest level across the board. More Clubs competing in more game titles means more competition and many more unforgettable moments in esports history. Here is the full breakdown of points based on competition placement:

Points breakdown

Prize Money Distribution

With $20,000,000 up for grabs for the 16 most successful Clubs, all will have their eye on the grand prize of $7,000,000. This will be distributed as follows:

prize distribution

Tiebreaker Scenarios

If a tiebreaker for first place in the Club Championship occurs, it will be decided in the following order:

  1. Individual competition results

    - if a Club has more first-place finishes in individual competitions, they win the tiebreaker. If both are the same, second-place finishes are then considered, and so on.

  2. Head to head

    - if a Club has more points from direct matches than the Club(s) it is tied with, they win the tiebreaker.

In the case that Clubs tie for any other position below first place, the money for that position will be split without the use of tiebreakers.